“If you buy Bitcoin you will lose all your money!” : word of central banker!

A bad omen banker – One wonders what fly has stung the central bankers of the planet. They were already known to be hostile to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on principle, but their admonitions have been more virulent lately. Once again, one of them has just announced the imminent death of Bitcoin News Trader.

Why so much cruelty?

It’s an anti-Bitcoin and decentralized anti-crypto parade . After Christine Lagarde , President of the European Central Bank (ECB), then Agustín Carstens , Director General of the BIS, it is now another central banker who denounces the “dangers” of the cryptosphere.

In an interview with the Bloomberg newspaper, Gabriel Makhlouf , Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland and member of the Governing Council of the ECB, warned Bitcoin investors: they must be prepared to „lose all their money “ .

As the banker seems to believe that those who invest in the cryptosphere are completely stupid or crazy naive , he wishes to „protect“ them :

“Personally, I don’t know why people invest in these kinds of assets, but they clearly see them as assets (…) Our role is to ensure that consumers are protected (…) I am more concerned about the helps consumers make the right choices. “

Only positive point of his intervention: Makhlouf admits that Bitcoin does not create „financial stability problems“ for the moment.

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