Crypto Funds Soar: $76M Invested in Last Week

• Over $76 million was invested in crypto funds during the past week.
• Around 90% of this inflow went towards Bitcoin-related products, amounting to over $69 million.
• Overall, total investment assets under management have increased by 39%, reaching $30.3 billion year-to-date.

Investments in Crypto Funds

Recent Investment Figures

A CoinShares report has stated that a total of $76 million was invested in digital asset products during the week of Jan. 30 – Feb.. Around 90% of these inflows were directed towards Bitcoin (BTC)-related products, accounting for an estimated $69 million. This marks the fourth consecutive week that recorded inflows to crypto-related investment products, with a total amount invested throughout these four weeks being over $230 million. The week of Jan 23 also saw one of the most significant inflows since July 2022, with a total amount collected at around $117 million.

Assets Under Management (AuM)

Overall, Total investment Assets Under Management (AuM) have reached an impressive figure at approximately $30.3 billion year-to-date; representing a 39% increase compared to previous figures.

Flows by Provider and Asset

The BTC-related products collected a grand total of about $68.5 million worth of investments last week; claiming first place in the rankings for investments overall from investors last week . Short BTC followed as second with about 8.2 million dollars and Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL) came third and fourth respectively with 700K and 500K dollars respectively . In terms of facilitators ProShares is ranked first after collecting 37.4 millions from investors last week , 3iQ and CoinShares Physical followed as second and third with 20.4 millions , 16 millions respectively .


This article has highlighted an impressive increase in investments into cryptocurrency funds within the past few weeks; With a whopping 76 Million USD being invested into various digital asset products during the past 7 days alone! This remarkable influx reflects increasing trust amongst investors who are turning to cryptocurrency as an emerging alternative asset class which offers numerous advantages such as decentralization, immutability, censorship resistance etc.. As such we can expect this trend to continue on in the near future as more people become aware of these benefits!


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